Frequently Asked Questions

 Where I could find prices?

Prices are generally on request. Make your choice and contact us.
Our prices are affordable and negoitable.
On the homepage we occasionally publish action prices.
Our ads and promotions display current prices.
You could check prices in representing galleries.

 What is the process of purchase?

At first we provide required details - the price, additional photos, availibility.
When you confirm the purchase, you will recieve SMS link to the proper payment gate.
You could also pay via bank transfer or ask for on-call payment.
When your payment is cleared, we schedule shipping within 3-working days.
We safekeep your payment for 14-days in case of refund.

 Do you sell art originals?

All AUGUSTIN artworks are hand made originals.
AUGUSTIN is accepted by different galleries and auction houses.
All AUGUSTIN artworks are signed, named and catalogued.
Most AUGUSTIN artworks have gallery and exhibition provenance.
Every piece of AUGUSTIN is unique and authentic.


 Is there any purchase guarantee?

We guarantee 95% of paid price refund.
Any payment is safekeep for 14-days in case of refund.
We organize and schedule back shipping.
We do our best to impress every single customer.
We're proud of 15-years successful selling history.

 Could you provide references?

Over 250 customers worlwide have bought AUGUSTIN.
References could be provided by any representing gallery.
At Thanks page you could meet direct buyers of Studio Augustin.
There are great reviews of Studio Augustin on Google.
We're ever presented on contact. Since 2004.

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